Hanging Rings


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This set of Hang Tough Rings is a durable and inexpensive toy that is loads of fun for children 4-10 years. The set of rings can hold weights of up to about 60kg. It consists of two sturdy plastic rings and strong ropes which can be attached to a climbing frame or tree branch. Ropes are 1.6m long.Encourage children to hang, swing or be a make-believe gymnast! Developmental benefits :Strengthen childrens’ shoulder, neck, arm and hand muscles and develops strength in the shoulder girdle which is very important for good handwriting skills as good central stability leads to better control of the hand. A strong upper body will enable your child to sit easily in a chair withoug having to prop him/herself up, therefore aiding concentration in the classroom.Stimulate vestibular sense and improves balance and co-ordination.