Programming Education Robot


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With the Education Robot from Gigo children can learn numerous basic coding program concepts by completing our lesson challenges which encourage hands-on involvement with the robot and the code cards.

There are many scenarios and stories to make learning fun!

– It is an ideal toy for a child to learn basic coding logic and requires no additional technology like tablets or smartphones.
– The “Base Unit” reads the coding cards which command it to move (FWD, BWD, turn L/R, pause and spin).
– There is an external gear on the Base Unit which can interact with other models or functions on the robot.
– Sound & light effects

Set includes:
– 274 Building Components
– 108 Code Cards
– 16 Map Cards
– 3 Base Map Cards
– 1 Robotic Base Unit
– Multi-function Sorting Tray
– Basic A4 Instruction Manual – 76 Pages
– Advanced A4 Instruction Manual – 84 Pages

Age: 4 Years +